About the Book

Spiritual Runner is a devotional book for runners.

Cover by Bethany Hench

If you are not familiar with the term “devotional book,” you could say it is a book of encouragement and insights knitted together with passages from the Bible, prayers, reflections, and challenges. There are just over 100 devotionals that can be split in your reading/quiet time however you would like!

The idea for this book was conceived in a subtle thought process in the summer of 2010. I began to jot down notes and come up with random ideas that would sometimes make it on paper. I continued to write through my first two years of college. I had hopeful moments of potential sources and publication that kept me fired up. The flame would fire and then subside, but it never went out.

This past spring (as many of you may know), I spent my semester in the Middle East with the cross cultural program from EMU. I was not expecting to be inspired to write for my runner’s devotional book considering this would be the first time in nearly 6 years that I had taken time off from running. BUT God’s plan is always so much better than mine and I wrote. I was delightfully inspired by the Gospel that Jesus intended to be spread through the earth as we go to all nations proclaiming his glory. I also received great encouragement from my professors, Linford and Janet, that was truly invaluable and a word from the Lord. At the end of the trip, I shared with my group that this summer would be the summer.

Sure enough, upon returning back to Illinois, I got to work and I was completely fueled by the Holy Spirit to write ever so diligently and I balanced a sense of patience, yet immediacy for the summer. After a process of trial and error and much learning through the publication process, a product has been produced!


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